Thought for the day

Let us ban all inspirational thoughts from our lives today! Dare to admit that it is all psychological cliché! Believe in yourself, let the light shine, you are an amazing being! Really? We are all human beings! Animals with a lethal weapon called intelligence! We are all imperfect, we all get jealous, we all hurt … Continue reading Thought for the day

Thought for the day

Dare to be different! Just for today… Dare to embrace your uniqueness! We are all born equal but unique! What makes you unique? Whether at the world, school, work, what is it that you know to be different from all that touch your life? Embrace it and let others know! Who knows what the impact … Continue reading Thought for the day


Yes this year was the worst in my life thus far. So many things have gone terribly wrong! All I take with me into the new year is this feeling that sometimes life just decides to force you into some cleansing phase. Even if you don’t immediately understand why, which is my case, you can … Continue reading Reflection


When you cry and no one cares, when you scream and no one hears…. When you have a full family and still have to go for a psychologist to be heard! Nothing like being alone amongst millions. The wonders of the 21st century. We are all too busy to listen or to be listened to, … Continue reading Desperation