When you cry and no one cares, when you scream and no one hears…. When you have a full family and still have to go for a psychologist to be heard! Nothing like being alone amongst millions. The wonders of the 21st century. We are all too busy to listen or to be listened to, … Continue reading Desperation


My mother! My hero! My pilar of strength! My refuge! Now should be the time to pause, take time off, discard all tasks and ignore all life’s demands. I am flooded by emotions. She is in my every thought, while I prepare work schedules, project deliverables, while I setup meetings and dial into conference lines. … Continue reading Flooded


I love writing about my garden and the weather here and there is a reason for this. I have this peculiar unexplainable connection with nature in general and I know others out there have the same and know exactly what I am referring to. I wake up early every morning and after I make my … Continue reading Nature